Project Management

Whether you have a Land Mobile Radio system, Mobile Data system or an E9-1-1 system, Advanced Wireless Telecommunications, Inc. has the resources, experience and ability to provide you with the professional Project Management services you need.

Fundamental to AWT’s management philosophy is the early establishment of a close liaison between the project team and the client. To provide the highest level of project coordination from a user’s perspective, we assign a program manager who will be the direct and primary AWT point of contact during the course of your project. This individual will be responsible for maintaining regular contact to report progress, review project performance, and coordinate redirection of the effort as needed. The Project Manager is separated organizationally to ensure the highest level of customer focus and coordination of activities.

The AWT Team believes that the strength of a team comes from its people. The commitment, knowledge, insight, perception, and enthusiasm of the team make the difference between simply having a collection of equipment and having an integrated, technologically superior communications system. The successes that we have enjoyed and the high regard in which we are held by our clients clearly demonstrate the quality of our people and the quality of service we deliver.

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    Pearl Harbor

    Your Engineering Staff was extremely helpful with your assistance on our Pearl Harbor Naval project. We could not have done it without you.


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    Schoolcraft College, Livonia, MI

    Advanced Wireless Telecom designs and installs a a campus-wide Trunked Radio System. The system utilizes Trident Micro System's Raider Extreme logic controllers with the PassPort protocol.

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