IP Mobile Net

Interoperability for mobile data means a native IP platform. Where other radio systems emulate IP messaging, IPMobileNet’s IP radios are fully digital and fully IP end-to-end. IP is the standard networking protocol for all software applications.

With the IP Series, dependence on sole source, proprietary hardware and software is eliminated. IPMobileNet offers the IP Series, a secure, wide area private wireless network, and the XpressNet line of 802.11 mesh access points for high speed connectivity.

Two technologies, one network provider. IPMobileNet has your mobile data solution. IPMobileNet offers solutions for:

  • Public Safety
  • Transportation
  • Transit
  • Utilities
  • Federal Government

IP Series Mobile Radios

The IP Series mobile radios interface to mobile data computers or other intelligent devices in the vehicle through a 9-pin serial connection or RJ45 Ethernet port. Adding a mobile data computer on the IP Series network is as simple as adding a computer to a LAN. The mobiles are an integrated radio and modem with built-in GPS receiver. Beyond performing standard modulation/demodulation tasks, the modem provides forward error correction and data interleaving. The IP Series utilizes our patented Intelligent Diversity Reception™, which is key to successful first-try communications. All equipment meets or exceeds EIA/TIA specifications for shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature variations.

IP Series 32-D25, IP Series 64-D25

IP Series D25 mobile radios provide high speed, end-to-end IP connectivity from the mobile user to the dispatch center and LAN. The IP Series D25 radios may be purchased with 32 Kbps over-the-air data rates only, or variable speed 32-to-64 Kbps data rates. Available in public safety UHF, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, or dual band 700/800 MHz. Dual band mobile radios allow customers to utilize existing 800 MHz frequencies while they wait for 700 MHz spectrum to be issued, and make the transition without replacing the mobile radios.

View IP Series D25 UHF Mobile Product Information

View IP Series D25 700/800 Mobile Product Information


IP Series 19.2, IP Series 32

These rugged, state-of-the-art radios have been deployed in statewide systems in Kentucky and Wisconsin, and at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The IP Series 32 radios feature over-the-air data rates of 32 Kbps, with optional integrated GPS. IP Series 19.2 and 32 are available in VHF, UHF, and 800 MHz bands.

View IP Series 32 Mobile Product Information

IP Series Base Stations

IPMobileNet state-of-the-art base stations are designed specifically for the stringent requirements of mobile communications systems. The IP Series base stations act as a communications hub for the mobiles in the network.

The IP Series base stations greatly reduce the damaging effects of multi-path fading with patented triple-receiver Intelligent Diversity Reception. They support unmatched frequency stability and offer full duplex operation, CW identifier, and continuous duty, full power transmit operation. The base stations are only 1.5 inches high (one rack unit), and meet or exceed EIA/TIA specifications for shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature variations.

Mounted in a rack at the tower site, base stations have four (4) type N connectors (3 separate receive and one transmit) which may be duplexed at the site. Base stations operate on standard 12 volt power, and transmit (unamplified) at 60 Watts in VHF, 40 Watts in UHF, 20 Watts in 800 MHz, and 25 Watts in the 700 MHz band. IP Series base stations operate at 19.2 Kbps, 32 Kbps, or variable 32/48/64 Kbps modem speeds in UHF, VHF, 800 MHz or 700 MHz.

View IP Series Base Stations IP100/400/800 Product Information

View IP Series Base Stations IP Series D25 700/800 Product Information

View IP Series Base Stations IP Series D25 UHF Product Information

IP Network Controller (IPNC)

The IPNC acts as a bridge between the wired portions of the network, such as a LAN and dispatching software, and the wireless portion of the network, including base stations and mobile radios. Connectivity is achieved via RJ45 Ethernet cable between the IPNC and the LAN. Connectivity to the tower sites is achieved via Ethernet connection.

The IP Network Controller (IPNC) is an intelligent router, routing and scheduling the mobile users’ data traffic. It’s native IP platform ensures the reliable transfer of information from wired networks to mobile computer users. The IPNC manages bandwidth allocation, multi-access protocols, hand-offs, load leveling, SNMP reporting, wireless network synchronization as well as time slot allocation.

The IPNC is scalable in capacity and price, from single-site management to statewide responsibilities. Optimal fault tolerant configurations allow for multiple controllers at multiple locations, to ensure that if a site or controller unit goes down, another IPNC is automatically called to manage the network.

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