“The act of combining input signals from many sources onto a single communications path, or the use of a single path for transmitting signals from several sources.”

RAD’s Megaplex-2104 multiservice access multiplexer is a single-box solution designed to groom, aggregate and transport multiple broadband and narrowband data and voice services over copper, DSL, fiber, wireless, or satellite circuits.

The Megaplex-2104 is especially suitable for use as an economical, compact remote office distribution node. The multiservice multiplexer is ideal for providing mixed data and voice services for utility and transportation facilities, campuses, and large multi-site corporations and industrial networks.
A modular, integrated multiservice access multiplexer, the Megaplex-2104 supports dedicated data, digital and analog voice, ISDN, video, and LAN services over n x 64 kbps, single or dual E1 and T1, DSL, or Ethernet uplinks.


  • Testimonials

    133 Airlift Wing, Air National Guard, MN

    The sale and installation of our new Command and Control Center was a smooth and painless process. Your Engineering Staff was able to integrate the system to our specialized Military Radio system easily and provide us with all of the features that we needed.

    -Col. ANG, MN

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    Livingston County, MI

    Advanced Wireless Telecom implements an all IP NG-911 capable call processing system. The system is designed to support connectivity to several other surrounding counties.

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