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Raytheon Civil Communications Solutions meets the needs of national, state, metropolitan and local governments by enabling information sharing through innovative, interoperable standards-based telecommunication and service-oriented architecture solutions. Raytheon’s approach delivers world-class systems integration expertise based on a detailed understanding of current applications, infrastructure and requirements.

ACU-2000 IP

The ACU-2000 IP is the only interoperability solution that provides a true SIP-based gateway to digitally converge your existing radio systems with SIP telephones, networks, and devices. The devices allows you to bring the many advantages of the open-standards SIP protocol to your radio systems and add radio functionality to your network.

The ACU-2000 IP interoperability system provides a SIP-based gateway to digitally converge existing radio systems with SIP telephones, networks, and devices. This allows customers to bring all of the advantages of the open-standards SIP protocol to their radio systems and add radio functionality to a network.

The ACU-2000 IP is modular, completely scalable and field configurable. The system joins disparate communications systems which can be connected, monitored and controlled over an IP network. Compared to the ACU-1000, the ACU-2000 IP adds SIP capabilities to allow your SIP-based systems or individual SIP endpoint, such as a SIP phones or softphone, to be included in interoperable conferences.

ACU-2000 IP Benefits/Features:

  • Connects SIP VoIP devices to radios
  • Two-way radio users have access to features that have traditionally been available only to telephone users, including the ability to directly call telephone extensions, call forwarding, call logging and call recording
  • Control a large interoperability system via IP
  • Connect radio systems at multiple sites across an IP network
  • Remotely change radio channel or frequency over IP
  • Distributed network design ensures continuity of local operations in the event of network failure

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The ACU-1000 can interconnect up to twelve devices. It simultaneously cross-connects different radio networks, connects radio networks to telephone, or SATCOM systems, and networks RoIP/VoIP talkpaths.

The ACU-1000 can simultaneously cross-connect different radio networks, connect radio networks to telephone or SATCOM systems, and network RoIP/VoIP talkpaths. It is completely scalable and field configurable.

The system is easily controlled using the provided ACU Controller software, offers three different methods of operation for system redundancy, and is neither computer nor network dependent for its operation.

ACU-1000 Benefits/Features:

  • Connects up to 12 audio devices with the ability to expand to 24 audio devices
  • Can interconnect radios in any band including HF, VHF, UHF, P25, 800 trunked; cellular, landline PSTN, and iDEN Nextel
    ACU controller software provides full system status and control from a PC, locally or remotely over an Ethernet network
  • Modular interoperability system employing proven radio over IP (RoIP) technology
  • Sophisticated DSP algorithms provide adaptive hybrid, VOX, VMR (voice modulation recognition), noise reduction, audio delay, and more
  • Radio templates for supported devices simplify and speed system setup
  • Connection to a Wide Area Interoperability System (WAIS) using the WAIS Controller
  • Easily deployed in tactical, transportable, fixed, and mobile applications
  • Remotely change radio channel with the purchase of channel changing option

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The ACU-M is a mobile, less than 3-pound device suitable for mission-critical interoperability for up to four different radio systems.

The ACU-M is a feature-rich, simple-to-use device that can be networked and managed remotely. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the device is easily deployed and affordably priced, making it ideal for mission-critical interoperability.

The ACU-M provides interoperability between its four audio ports, two voice over internet protocol (VoIP) channels and a headset port. With its comprehensive suite of digital signal processing (DSP) functions, it offers high functionality at a price that fits any budget.

ACU-M Benefits/Features:

  • Interconnects 4 audio ports, 2 VoIP channels and a local operator
  • Can interconnect radios in any band including HF, VHF, UHF, P25, 800Mhz and Nextel iDEN phones
  • Simple, intuitive interface used for diagnostics, programming and feature control
  • Optional network connectivity that can be controlled via WAIS Controller Software
  • Compatible with existing ACU radio interface cables
  • Internal pre-configured radio template library for all supported devices
  • Can be installed in a vehicle, in a rack, or in a Pelican case
  • Powered by battery, vehicle +12 outlet, 120 VAC

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SNV-12 Signal-and-Noise Voter

The SNV-12 modular receiver voting system uses individual Digital Signal Processing (DSP) channels to measure the quality of received signal for fast and accurate determination of the best signal.
The SNV-12 Signal-and-Noise Voter is a communication device that assures high quality radio signal transmission and retransmission across its network. The device uses individual digital signal processors to continuously select the receiver with the lowest noise or best signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) from multiple sources. The SNV-12 then provides the “voted” output to a dispatcher and/or to a repeater for retransmission so that all users can hear the best signal, each time they communicate.


  • Independent DSP inputs vote the best voice channel
  • Up to 12 site inputs voted per chassis
  • Console interface module integrates with industry standard dispatch consoles
  • Multiple types of repeater control and transmit steering capabilities
  • Provides tone keying detection and generation
  • Repeat mode retransmits voted audio
  • Digital audio delay compensates for differences in path lengths
  • Local control plus IP, serial and parallel remote control
  • System expansion to 36 sites by daisy chaining multiple SNV-12s
  • 5.25″ h by 19″ w card-cage package

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  • Testimonials

    133 Airlift Wing, Air National Guard, MN

    The sale and installation of our new Command and Control Center was a smooth and painless process. Your Engineering Staff was able to integrate the system to our specialized Military Radio system easily and provide us with all of the features that we needed.

    -Col. ANG, MN

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    Schoolcraft College, Livonia, MI

    Advanced Wireless Telecom designs and installs a a campus-wide Trunked Radio System. The system utilizes Trident Micro System's Raider Extreme logic controllers with the PassPort protocol.

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