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 Advanced Wireless Telecom is still committed to supporting the Orbacom products in use by Public Safety agencies worldwide…

For over 35 years, Orbacom had been the industry-leading name in Communications Control Systems. Their success began by meeting the needs of a small public safety agency and has expanded to over 2,000 dispatch centers around the globe, ranging from one-person operator to multi-point, wide-area centers. Their first system is still operational today, attesting to the advanced technology and reliability built into an Orbacom System.

Orbacom remained committed to our Public Safety, Utility, Transportation and Government customers by engineering systems defined by their requirements and forthcoming technologies in the marketplace. They developed systems with the most fault-tolerant and self-healing technologies available. Orbacom was proud to be the only communications control system manufacturer to provide a 3-year hardware warranty and lifetime software support.

In October 2004 IPC, a manufacturer of communication systems targeted towards the financial arena, purchased Orbacom and all of the intellectual property rights for the TDM and T5 console systems.  IPC kept a limited amount of the original Orbacom engineers and support staff while they transitioned all engineering, manufacturing, and support to IPC personnel and facilities.  Then in March 2007 IPC acquired Positron PSS, a manufacturer of 911 phone systems, and tasked them with marketing and continued support and marketing of the TDM and T5 console systems.  All engineering and support then moved from the USA to Montreal Canada.  Shortly thereafter, IPC\Positron announced that they were canceling the TDM product line to focus on the T5.

IPC sold Positron and the IPR’s for the T5 to West Corp\Intrado in November 2008.  Intrado, who has been in the 911 industry for over 25 years, has acquired Positron solely for their 911 products, expertise, and customer base.  It was no surprise to the industry that Intrado announced in February 2009 that they were canceling the T5 immediately. 

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    Pearl Harbor

    Your Engineering Staff was extremely helpful with your assistance on our Pearl Harbor Naval project. We could not have done it without you.


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    Jackson County, MI

    Advanced Wireless Telecom designs and installs a county-wide Integrated Voice & Data Public Safety Communication System. The system was designed by our own staff Engineer Gary Campbell.

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