Who Is AWT?

Corporate Profile

The technical team at AWT believes that the strength of a team comes from its people. The commitment, knowledge, insight, perception, and enthusiasm of the team make the difference between simply having a collection of equipment and having an integrated, technologically superior communications system. The successes that we have enjoyed and the high regard in which we are held by our clients clearly demonstrate the quality of our people and the quality of service we deliver.

Uniquely packaging technical expertise with management and business skills, our team has unparalleled capabilities to implement and support this maintenance project with people who are:

  • Experienced in the design, development, installation, integration, and implementation of Command & Control, E911, Wide-Area Conventional and Trunked radio systems, Computer Aided Dispatch & Records Management Systems, and Mobile Data / AVL Applications.
  • Familiar with and sensitive to Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies’ service and operational requirements.
  • Dedicated to providing the highest quality of service, and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Able to manage complex organizational relationships in a dynamic environment.

AWT will control the allocation of resources and employ established control mechanisms to effectively manage the technical and schedule performance of the contract. We will routinely monitor, identify, and initiate the proper actions to ensure all mandatory technical performance specifications are satisfied. Periodic reviews by the assigned quality assurance personnel will be used to keep management updated as to the overall level of quality being achieved. Schedule performance controls will consistently schedule data, measure status and progress against original baselines, identify variances, and integrate changes as required accomplishing the established project objectives.

Identification Numbers:

Federal Tax I.D. Number:  22-3767835
Sales Tax I.D. Number:  22-3767835
DUNS Number:  84-329-6851
DOD Cage Code:  1TL03

Unemployment Compensation #:  Provided Upon Contract Award
State of Incorporation:  Michigan
Date of Original Incorporation:  July 1991
Date of Restructured Incorporation:  December 2000


The AWT Corporate structure is comprised of 2 organizations, fully responsible for design, integration, delivery and support to our customer base. Those departments include Sales/Finance/Administration, and Engineering Development/Technical Support. It is each organizations commitment to provide our customers with superior quality communications systems and services.

Corporate Officers:

Todd Jones President
Gary Campbell Vice-President/Secretary/Treasurer


AWT certifies that our company is not under investigation, suspension or debarment by any state or the federal government.

Mandatory Requirements Compliance:

The following mandatory requirements are met by AWT:

AWT maintains all necessary insurance in accordance with industry standards. If awarded, certificates of insurance will be provided. Any subcontracted installation and maintenance providers will be required to similarly comply.

AWT complies with both Federal and State regulations regarding discrimination in hiring, promoting, disciplining, or termination due to an employee or applicant’s race, sex, religion, creed, age or other discriminatory practices.

Affirmative Action Program:

It is the policy of AWT to afford equal opportunity for employment to individuals regardless of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, handicap or veteran status.

The policy of this Company will be to:

  • Recruit for all job classifications without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, handicap, age or veteran status.
  • Base employment and advancement decisions upon qualifications only.

The successful achievement of an Affirmative Equal Opportunity Program requires maximum cooperation between management and employees. In fulfillment of its part in this cooperative effort, management is committed by principle to lead the way by establishing and implementing the procedures and practices, which will insure our objective, namely, equitable employment opportunities. Employees, as a condition of employment, are expected to provide their full cooperation in upholding the spirit of this equal opportunity principle.

  • Testimonials

    133 Airlift Wing, Air National Guard, MN

    The sale and installation of our new Command and Control Center was a smooth and painless process. Your Engineering Staff was able to integrate the system to our specialized Military Radio system easily and provide us with all of the features that we needed.

    -Col. ANG, MN

  • News Flash

    Oakland County, MI

    Advanced Wireless Telecom provides Project Support and Maintenance Services on 28 Police Radio Dispatch Centers connected to the County's OpenSky Trunked Radio System.

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